Pasta with Pesto Sauce
This Italian classic originated in Genoa but it’s travelled far and is one of our favorites. You can make pesto in minutes, and the basil-scented sauce freezes well so you can enjoy a taste of summer in the dead of winter.
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Bob's Grilled Flank Steak
Meat from the flank is the least expensive steak you can buy. But the reward comes when you marinate it, cook it on the grill and slice it extra thin; you’ll think you had died and gone heaven on a charter flight. Roast potatoes and green beans or a salad are good mates.
Daily Dish
BBQ Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon & Molasses
Our marinade makes this lean cut of meat extra rich and delicious so you’ll want to make enough for a group, or have lots of leftovers for later in the week. If you don’t have a bottle of bourbon lying around, this is a good excuse to get to know your neighbors.
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Best Ever Burgers
Anyone can make a decent burger but this is a foolproof recipe for an out-of-this-world burger. We think you’ll find the little extra prep well worth the effort.
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Linguine with Shrimp
Shrimp, garlic and lemon are the stars of this recipe. This dish is so easy and so delicious you’ll want to make it a staple every week
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Zesty Grilled Swordfish
Swordfish is a meaty but fairly mild fish and one of our all-time favorites for the summer grill. We spike this marinade with lots of lemon, ginger and hot pepper to get the juices flowing, and suggest roast potatoes and a tomato-cucumber salad, or our roast fingerling potato and fennel dish to balance the act.
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ChowGuys Barbecue Sauce
If you can find a great prepared sauce by all means try it. But this recipe is homemade, it's easy as Mom's pie, and you'll have the satisfaction of doing a 'cue' your very own way. Nothing's better!
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My sons started asking for simple recipe ideas when they were in college. They were tired of cafeteria food and going out all the time. I love food and have been cooking since I was in my 20s. So I started emailing recipe ideas which they’d try and then share with friends. We’re still doing this, and I started to help other guys get comfortable in the kitchen, eat better at home, and have some fun along the way. Cooking and eating well doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve tried to keep our recipes simple without dumbing down the results. Don’t worry too much about precise measurements. Learn to trust your instincts and you’ll be surprised how well dinner will turn out. – Duncan Pollock

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